Padmavat successful preview in 2018

Padmavat successful preview  in 2018
The film, on the life of Rajput queen Padmini...
Two Rajasthan-based professors on Thursday said they have been invited by the Central Board of Film Certification to be part of a panel to review Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s troubled film “Padmavati”.
The two academics are R S Khangarot, principal of the Agrawal College in Jaipur, and B L Gupta, a retired Rajasthan University professor.
Mr. Khangarot said he received a call from censor board chief Prasoon Joshi to view the film, which is awaiting a censor certificate.
“I got a call from (Prasoon) Joshi recently. He sought my opinion on the film as a part of a panel of historians. I told him that I can be available for the review next week,” he told PTI over phone from Dubai.
Mr. Khangarot said it was a verbal invitation and he has received no written communication.
“For me, this is not an issue between Bhansali and the Rajput community or between Bhansali and Karni Sena. I see it as an issue between the …

IN “Padmaavat” Review Ranveer Singh's Was gret Queer Act Shatters The Glass Ceiling In Indian Film Writing

IN “Padmaavat” Review Ranveer Singh's Was gret  Queer Act Shatters The Glass Ceiling In Indian Film Writing

In one of the earlier scenes in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnificent Padmaavat, originally titled Padmavati, Ranveer Singh's sociopathic tyrant, Alauddin Khijli, is about to make love to his wife, the compellingly docile Mehrunisa, played with heartbreaking vulnerability by Aditi Rao Hydari.
He brags about a cold-blooded murder he's just committed, before pointing at the crown he's fraudulently inherited. He takes it off and places it on the head of his wife, from where it slips down to cover her eyes, blinding her. Khilji then erotically kisses her face – in this case, the crown itself. If there's one moment that defines the character, played with astute brilliance by Ranveer Singh, it's this. His loyalty is towards power, and he does not care for the means he utilizes to get it. His clinical narcissism is most evident when he's admiring himself …

Padmavati', Now save'Padmavat', Gets Censor Board Nod

Padmavati', Now save'Padmavat', Gets Censor Board Nod... India's censors on Saturday cleared a controversial film backed by Viacom Inc that looks into the relationship of a Hindu queen and a Muslim ruler, after suggesting some modifications.
The Bollywood film, which was slated to be released on Dec. 1, was indefinitely postponed by a studio run by a partnership of Viacom and Network 18 owned by Mumbai's Reliance Industries. That followed a row over its historical content, in states such as Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Members of hardline Hindu fringe groups as well as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had criticized the film "Padmavati", accusing its director of distorting history by showing Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji as the "lover" of Queen Padmavati, belonging to the Rajput Hindu warrior clan.
"This was an unprecedented and tough situation," Prasoon Joshi, chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), said in an…

Tiger Zinda Hai And It's Ruined Katrina Kaif's Awesome Action Stunts In 'Tiger'

Tiger Zinda Hai And It's Ruined Katrina Kaif's Awesome Action Stunts In 'Tiger'...

Watching Salman Khan's past films has pretty much been like reading the last dozen 'link-Aadhaar-to-your-phone-kidney-uterus' SMS-es that have landed in my inbox. But we are not here to debate which part of his pants Khan must tug at for the centrepiece dance number. We're here to discuss Katrina Kaif in Tiger Zinda Hai. Now for people who harbour deep affection for Khan's films and can actually tell Tiger Dabangg Hai from Ek Tha Kick, this may seem like an absurd proposal.
Replace the women in the Salman-saves-stuff films with emojis, and they'd fit right into the script. Oh wait, remember to put the ones that dance. In what was easily my highlight of 2017, I imagined All India Bakchod's 'Bollywood Diva Song' taking a heartwarmingexploding dig at a Khan film starring Jacqueline Fernandes. The actress plays a psychiatrist working in Poland in it. In th…

5 Reasons Why Smart People Stay In so much Toxic Relationships..

5 Reasons Why Smart People Stay In so much  Toxic Relationships..

Why a smart person stays in an abusive relationship is a mystery for many, including you, the victim. You are labeled and blamed as needy, co-dependent, or an enabler. When two people are under the influence of love, they are tethered together, interconnected, and interdependent. Everything each does serves the relationship. The two become one — a team, depending and relying on each other. You have each other’s back. Your joy is magnified. With abuse, however, that tethered relationship becomes self-serving and therefore, loses its integrity.
1. They use destructive conditioning. A narcissist conditions you to become afraid of doing the very things that once made your life fulfilling as they now bring you frustration or anxiety. In time, you learn to associate your strengths, talents, and happy memories with abuse and disrespect. Ineffective in being able to influence your partner makes you feel inadequate. The conditio…

5 Ways To Balance Your Love Life And Career Without harmself

5 Ways To Balance Your Love Life And Career Without  harmself..
Career is not easy to everything.. No one ever said managing a career was easy. Throw a relationship into the mix and you've got career suicide, right? Wrong. While we'd all love to forgo a day of work in exchange for a fun-filled day with our significant other, having a strong relationship doesn't mean your occupational goals have to suffer. It's quite the opposite!

Extensive research on the subject of relationships and careers shows that people in successful relationships not only make more money, they're healthier, live longer, and get more promotions than singles do. So how can you juggle your relationship and your career?
We've got the five tips that'll keep your work and love life harmonious—and YOU sane!
1. Prioritize

It's a fact: Sometimes life forces us to put more weight on one thing than another. Often, this priority shift means forgoing one goal in exchange for another; for exa…

How can you now Your Coworker Is a Psychopath

How can you now  Your Coworker Is a Psychopath..

Serial killers are often depicted in film and television as deranged psychopaths. This contributes to the general confusion that exists between psychopaths and serial killers. The truth is psychopaths, sociopaths, and antisocial personalities, compared to serial killers, are relatively common. Serial killers are extremely rare because they usually exhibit a potent combination of multiple mental illness diagnostic categories including antisocial personality, narcissism, and different forms of paraphilia (voyeurism, frotteurism, exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, etc.). Statistically speaking, a psychopath is almost always never a serial killer; patterned homicide is just that rare.
How many psychopaths are reading this article along with you?
Hard to tell. But if thousands of people read this, research suggests there are bound to be some. About 15 percent of male prisoners meet psychopathic diagnostic criteria. This statistic illustrates…